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Falmouth A civil parish and port town in Cornwall, Falmouth delivers students one of the most naturally exhilarating university experiences to be foun…


A civil parish and port town in Cornwall, Falmouth delivers students one of the most naturally exhilarating university experiences to be found anywhere in the UK. With approximately 25,000 residents, Falmouth boasts the third deepest natural harbour in the world and has become noted as the starting point for some of history's most infamous voyages. Falmouth University is home to the vast majority of undergraduates in the town and was granted full university status in late 2012. Its main campus is located in the original site of Woodlane, whilst the second is shared alongside Exeter University at the Combined Universities in Cornwall campus. As one of the country's leading arts institutes, Falmouth University demonstrates a key awareness in developing digital media, with a disparate array of courses available in Graphic Design, Journalism, Textile Design, Fashion, Fine Art and Digital Games. By blending traditional studies with more niche modern courses, Falmouth University is continuing an excellent reputation amongst media arts students seeking to further their careers. Each course is appropriately accompanied by multifaceted facilities. Fashion studios, design centres, photography centres and more, ensure that Falmouth's educational options provide prospective students with an equal distribution of practical and literary leaning. Outside of the classroom, Falmouth is alive with an eclectic blend of leisure pursuits. From the vibrancy of the portside bars and museums, to the late night thrills of student pubs and clubs, it is no surprise that Falmouth continues to rank highly throughout the world for its vivacious student experience. The town is populated by an even blend of residents and students. Penryn sits on the outskirts of the Tremough campus and is great for getting away from the hectic student nightlife, with the likes of The Seven Stars and Three Tuns Inn offering a more traditional English night out. For the bustling energy of student driven evening, it is Falmouth town itself that provides the most excitement. Q-Bar effortlessly combines club and pub ambience, Toast creates a modern buzz, and The Falmouth Townhouse offers a more sophisticated experience for those with student loans to burn. Student accommodation in Falmouth is sought with fierce intent. Given the waterside location of the town, many are lucky enough to enjoy spectacular views, without the need to pay a premium. A local appreciation of the student community also ensures an eclectic array of basic flats, modernised studio apartments and terrace townhouses. Whatever your taste, our collection of Falmouth Student Accommodation is sure to entice:
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