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The Top 10 Letdowns Of 2013


Just one month into 2014, it’s time to recap on the last year and try to learn from our mistakes. 2013 offered up some great moments for TV, film, technology, sport and music, however some of the more hyped events turned out to be just one big letdown. Here’s hoping that the next 12 months will only get better! From audacious technology failures, to the downright offensive, here are our top 10 letdowns from 2013.

1. The X Factor

Love it or hate it, Simon Cowell’s brainchild is a national treasure. However on the show’s 10th anniversary it failed to inspire mass excitement, and the finalists were possibly the most boring trio to ever grace the X Factor stage, and that’s including when wet lettuce Leona Lewis won in 2006. Don’t get us wrong, the winner, Sam Bailey, was amazing, and those young boys she was competing against were also alright. But when compared to contestants like Wagner and Jedward, they’re just not in the running.

2. The Ashes

Where to start? Not only did England lose The Ashes 2013, the team lost in an embarrassing 5-0 battering to an Australian side who, let’s face it, weren’t even that fierce a rival. With such high hopes to get a fifth win in a row, England were completely bowled over when everything that could go wrong, did, leaving the team from Down Under victorious. Total let down.

3. The iPhone 5c

Finally! Apple are making the iPhone affordable, AND we can choose a funky colour that expresses our personality! Oh….oh no wait…it’s a calculator. And it’s still pretty expensive? Oh….Apple’s attempt to make a slightly cheaper, cooler younger sibling for the latest iPhone turned out to be yet another ploy to get the public hooked on its sleek and sexy lifestyle. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out, because it looks like a children’s stocking filler.

4. Arrested Development’s return on Netflix

Arrested Development- what an amazing and hilarious show right?! When it was cancelled by Fox several years ago, a whole generation mourned it’s premature death. However a cult fan base remained strong, and when Netflix announced it would revive the series, Arrested Development devotees cheered in their millions. The Bluth family would once again grace our (computer) screens. Unfortunately, Netflix brought in a team of new writers who seemed not to understand why the show was so well loved and remembered. The show was a bust, and mass disappointment ensued.

5. Curved TVs

According to the powers that be, flat TV screens are simply not good enough anymore. The public needs to have their viewing pleasure optimised by being made to feel like the television is wrapping around their heads. The curved TV went pretty much the same way as the 3D TV, unnecessary, uncalled for, and unwanted.

6. Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

Now the parameters of this list format are not enough to express the depth and breadth of outrage at Robin Thicke’s Grammy award-nominated song, Blurred Lines, however we’ll try. In a year that was so great for feminism, how could a song that so gives out the message of “no means yes” reach the number one spot for five weeks running and become the top selling single of 2013? HOW?! This is a let down for music and feminism alike.

7. Anchorman 2

Oh, Will Ferrell etc, what happened?! Nearly a decade on from the original film, the gang reunited for what was one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels of the twenty first century. More than that, in the history of cinema. Sadly, the jokes were repetitive, the story line was a farce, not to mention poor acting and gags that were, let’s face it, just not funny! As much as it’s painful to say, Anchorman 2 came off as just a way to cash in, rather than a homage to the legend of Ron Burgundy.

8. Google Plus

2013 was the year when Google tried to push its social media platform to the forefront, all to no great avail. It has been called Google’s version of Facebook, but ultimately flopped as it failed to live up to its greatest rival. It has the capacity to share photos and chat to people in your different “circles”, but it was no match for Facebook’s monopoly on our online socialising. Try again next year Google.

9. Man of Steel

Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan’s Superman comeback film was tipped to be a superhero film like no other. With a cast full of sexy people and spectacular special effects to boot, it was bound to be a success, right? Wrong. The Superman we know and love became lost amongst all those explosions, and the film was about two thirds longer than it needed to be. And to top it all off, Snyder has confirmed a sequel to follow!

10. Beyonce didn’t respond to any of our Tweets.

We begged, we pleaded. 36 marriage proposals and 78 requests for her to follow us back, still Queen Bey hasn’t responded. With her spectacular half time show at the Super Bowl, and her surprise album drop at the end of the year, Beyonce reigned over 2013 like no other. Beyonce why won’t you respond?!

So there you have it, our top 10 biggest letdowns of 2013. Let’s only hope that 2014 will learn from these mistakes, and stop hyping stuff that is doomed to failure. And the Beyonce thing, well…we can all dream right?



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