Best Student Areas in Nottingham

Wollaton Hall in Nottingham
Wollaton Hall in Nottingham

A vibrant student city within the UK, Nottingham is home to two world-renowned universities – the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent university. As you can imagine, the city boasts a large student population that adds to the friendly and inviting atmosphere Nottingham is known for! Crawling with landmarks from the legend of Robin Hood, picturesque parks, vibrant nightlife, and so much more, Nottingham is a treasure trove with something for all your needs. But deciding where to live in this charming city can be a daunting task for any student. So, let’s break down the best Nottingham student areas.

Where do students live in Nottingham? 

1. City Centre

Nottingham’s lively city centre has a combination of the student population from both, the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University. A bustling area with a range of clubs, unique student attractions such as the Kitty Café, as well as historic locations such as the Nottingham Castle and even Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, a pub that is widely considered the oldest inn in England. 

Other notable attractions around the city centre include the Victoria Shopping Centre and of course the Old Market Square – where you can sip a cup of coffee while you sit with your friends and enjoy the sun on a good day! The square is surrounded by a combination of high street retailers, charity stores, bars and great places to grab a bite. Slim Chickens is a staple for a quick and convenient choice and for all the party animals, Nottingham’s nightlife is both exuberant and versatile, with Rock City being an iconic choice, while clubs lik La Bomba and Rescue Rooms host themed Latin music nights and even Taylor Swift tributes!

Everything you could need is within a short walking distance, and Nottingham city centre has a vast and efficient transport system with buses, trams and even the train station being close by. This is especially helpful for University of Nottingham students as you can get a bus to the campus frequently, and it’s only a short 15-minute ride. Check out iQ Newton House and Hydrogen for studio apartments that are less than 5 minutes walking distance from the city centre. Study Inn and Trinity Square are particularly impressive options for Nottingham Trent students, with commute times being as short as three minutes to the university campus! Although convenient, the city centre is definitely the most expensive Nottingham student area to live in, with accommodation prices being within the range of £170-£250 per week.

2. Arboretum

The Arboretum area has various different kinds of student properties, from high-rise apartments to townhouses, that are ideal to share with a group of friends. Check out our guide to the different types of student accommodation while you weigh your options. This area is highly populated with Nottingham Trent Students as it is a short walking distance from the student’s union and the library, which is especially ideal for second-and third-year students that spend many a night burning the midnight oil at the esteemed Boots Library. The main benefit of the Arboretum is that everything around the city is still within walking distance, while travel to other areas is especially convenient with both the bus and train stations being close by. This provides all the University of Nottingham students an easy option to travel to the campus if you chose to live within this hub.

Home to its namesake, The Arboretum Park is an accredited Green Heritage Site which has widely been considered the inspiration of author J.M Barrie for his marvel Peter Pan! The Arboretum Park can also be your source of inspiration or even your tranquil getaway from those long and stressful days of lectures! Although, if you are not one for regular uphill walks, the hilly terrain of the Arboretum area may not be for you. But on the flip side, the lower rent prices in comparison with the city centre may help to sway your decision!

3. Hockley

Commonly referred to as the heart of the creative quarter of Nottingham, Hockley has a rich history with its creative roots dating back to the 18th century, when Hockley was the city’s key lace-producing area. With numerous festivals held throughout the year, notably Nottingham Pride (an experience you don’t want to miss!), Hockley has been ranked among the 12 coolest postcodes to move to in 2022. The general consensus is that Hockley’s unique vibe is attributed to its diversity in not just shops but also the vast melting pot of people – this makes it an exciting Nottingham student area to live in or explore!

It is widely populated with vintage stores, which is probably the reason why you can find Nottingham listed in first place on the best charity shop destinations in the UK. A particularly interesting store to check out is Wild Clothing. Recognisable by its Coca-Cola-like hoarding, whether it’s a unique pair of Docs, retro patterned dungarees, or a classic Dickies sweatshirt, there are vintage pre-loved gems for everyone. If vintage fashion isn’t your cup of tea, Bookwise – a second-hand bookshop that raises funds for music education – may be where you choose to spend hours of your time. Other interesting activities to do in the Hockley area include, catching a carefully curated indie flick at Broadway Cinema, for a reduced price if you’re under 25, as well as enjoying cocktails with unique flavour combinations at Lost Property, which is a bar with a speakeasy vibe that has an interior charm like no other! Incredibly popular with Nottingham Trent students, Hockley is well connected and close to the tram line while being surrounded by various bus route stops, making travel to anywhere else rather convenient. The Lace Market Studios and Medici are both great choices of accommodation, both being under a 5-minute walk from the Hockley area and a 10-minute tram ride to the university.   

4. Lenton

Lenton is the most popular place to live for all the University of Nottingham students. A quick walk to the Jubilee Campus and a short 15-minute bus ride to the University Park Campus, Lenton’s convenient location is its key selling point. Due to its proximity to the Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital, Lenton is ideal for medical students and practising nursing students.

Lenton is crawling with pubs in every direction you turn. Especially popular among students are The Three Wheatsheaves as well as the Rose and Crown, which is well-known for its flame-grilled steaks. Lenton is also home to the unique AvoCafe by Nutri2go, a café and food delivery service that specialises in providing freshly prepared, healthy meals. Perfect for those busy days when you have long assignments to complete but want some well-balanced, nutritious brain food!

Other fun things to do in Lenton include enjoying the latest movie at Savoy Cinema with tickets at only £5 for all students! A definite steal and extremely popular, book your tickets well in advance to avoid missing your favourite flick. Another one for the movie buffs is Wollaton Park. If you’re wondering what the connection is between movies and this historic park, look no further than the popular DC hero Batman. Yes, Wollaton Park, and in specific the Elizabethan-style manor Wollaton Hall, is one of the locations where The Dark Knight Rises was shot! Also popular for deer sightings, Wollaton Park is another one of Nottingham’s accredited Green Heritage Sites.

With accommodation options priced as low as £95-£120 per week, Lenton is perfect for University of Nottingham students. Check out Deakins Place, Raleigh Park and Nottingham Two for accommodation that is within walking distance of the Jubilee Campus. The area has numerous bus routes and is a 10-minute ride to the city centre, giving students a quick and convenient option to live close to your campus while also enjoying frequent trips into the city. Due to the convenience that Lenton offers, securing accommodation here is quite competitive! So make sure to prepare well in advance if you want to live in this much sought-after area.

5. Beeston

Last but not least, another top location for all you University of Nottingham students, Beeston is often described as a foreign country within Nottingham. With a slew of high street retailers, boutique fashion stores, various independent stores but, most importantly, its very own marina and golf club, Beeston gives you the feel of a holiday town while attending your lectures. Beeston is a Nottingham student area that strikes a careful balance between the hustle and bustle of city life and the quiet and calm of suburban life. Due to its location in relation to the city centre, all accommodation is cheaper here with prices often as low as £95 per week! Yes, you read that right! And, if you’re worried about getting home after a night out in the Nottingham city centre, the area is well connected with train journeys between the city centre and Beeston being as short as six minutes. The area is also well connected by tram and bus, offering great connectivity.

For all you naturalists, don’t think we’ve forgotten you! The Attenborough Nature Reserve is a short journey away, either by walk or bus. The reserve is best known for its 250 species of recorded birds, especially great for spotting kingfishers. This is a great, picturesque spot for a weekend walk and some fresh air.

Now that we’ve broken down the best student areas in Nottingham, it’s down to you to choose your favourite spot! You can check out all of our student accommodation options in Nottingham to find the ideal location for all your needs. For more helpful resources to get you ready for uni, please check out our blog