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Originating as a market town and budding heavily as a production leader throughout the rise of the Industrial Revolution, Wolverhampton is a central c…
Originating as a market town and budding heavily as a production leader throughout the rise of the Industrial Revolution, Wolverhampton is a central city with great amenities, a diverse population and a low cost of living. To find some of the very best available, please take a look through our available Wolverhampton student accommodations below!
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Student accommodation in Wolverhampton at a glance

With the University of Wolverhampton boasting a massive four campuses, student accommodation in Wolverhampton is pretty easy to find.

Check out Host Heantun Point, boasting luxury accommodation for a very affordable price point! Choose a premium en-suite room with on-site gym, cinema room, pool table, entertainment area and spaces, all decked out in a chic, modern style. This fantastic Wolverhampton student accommodation is just ten minutes away from the University of Wolverhampton and the city centre and offers accessible rooms at no extra cost for those with different access requirements.

Whatever type of student accommodation in Wolverhampton you need, from single rooms in shared flats to private ensuites and even studios, Wolverhampton’s thriving student population means you’ll never be short of options.



Wolverhampton at a glance

  • What makes the city’s student life so pleasing to so many is the range of highly affordable student accommodation in Wolverhampton. The price of student living is never cheap, but Wolverhampton student halls are some of the most reasonably priced in the country.
  • With more than 23,000 registered students, Wolverhampton University is the leading centre of higher education in the city. Split across four campuses, the institute gained university status in 1992 and has gone on to be noted for a focus on developing the desire for higher education in the region, with a third of all available places taken up by mature students. This means there is plenty of private student accommodation in Wolverhampton.
  • Though the drinks may be cheap, the University continues to be heavily funded. New students can expect to look forward to ongoing developments in upcoming years, with a new science centre and Business School set to highlight a £45 million renovation of the City campus.
  • Student life in Wolverhampton is fantastic! At the heart of the country, Wolverhampton students are not only privy to the excellent services, attractions and nightlife of the local area, but are also offered a wealth of transport connections in and out of the city.
  • Thanks to these transport connections, Wolverhampton is a mere 25-minute train ride to nearby Birmingham, the second-largest city in the UK – this means you can have all of the convenience of easy nights out, day trips or things to do at a fraction of the cost.
  • Despite offering a smaller city centre than many regional competitors, locals can certainly expect a wide range of choices when it comes to shops, restaurants, pubs, bars and student nights in Wolverhampton.


Wolverhampton Student Accommodation FAQs

Can I view Wolverhampton student accommodation before booking my place?

Most student accommodations will offer viewings, either in person or virtually. If you are visiting your university’s open day, you might be able to get a tour of certain accommodations; otherwise, simply contact the provider and they will let you know your options.

Where do students live at the University of Wolverhampton?

Where you will live depends on what campus you’re studying at, as the University of Wolverhampton is spread across four different campuses based in Wolverhampton, Walsall and Telford. If you’re looking for a smaller, highly-community-based campus, you might consider living in Walsall or Telford. For those studying in Wolverhampton itself, the city centre is a great option as it is close to both the main campus and a host of amenities.

How long will my tenancy agreement last?

In Wolverhampton, most student accommodations offer tenancy agreements that run from 43-51 weeks, but it will vary depending on your provider and your accommodation. If you require a longer or shorter tenancy than is standard, or if you would like to discuss a different move-in day, please contact your provider directly.