Best Scholarships for Indian Students to Study Abroad

Choosing to study in the UK can be a huge decision – but it’s also a huge investment. Fortunately, there are plenty of scholarships for Indian students in the UK to help you along the way. These funding opportunities are just one way that students pay for accommodation and education, so they’re worth looking into.

In this article, we’ll look at the best scholarships for Indian students to study abroad so you know exactly what your options are.

Our list of the best scholarships for Indian students to study abroad

Finding a scholarship for Indian students to study abroad can be tricky, so we’ve split them into different categories. Take a look below for more information.

EU or UK government-funded scholarships for Indian students to study abroad

1. Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships are offered to international students from developing Commonwealth countries who aspire to do postgraduate studies or a PhD in the UK. Funded by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, these scholarships showcase the UK’s dedication to the Commonwealth and attract students with outstanding academic skills.

Each scholarship covers tuition fees and airfare for the student when coming to the UK and back to their home country at the end of the award, and offers a living allowance of £1,347 (around INR 141,014) outside of London. Students may also get an allowance for warm clothing, study-related travel, and children.

2. Chevening Scholarships

Offered by the UK government to academically sound students, this scholarship for Indian students to study abroad is typically for one-year postgraduate degrees in the UK. It covers tuition fees, travel, and additional allowances, and typically equates to around £30,000 (around INR 3,142,358) for one year.

As one of the best scholarships for Indian students to study abroad, Chevening Scholarships are competitive. However, those who show leadership qualities, academic achievement, ambition, and a passion for influencing positive change have a high chance of success. As part of the conditions of the award, you must return to your country of citizenship for at least two years after the award has ended and have completed an undergraduate degree and two years of work experience.

3. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree

The best-ranked students across the globe can enjoy a fully funded scholarship for integrated master’s programmes, which the European Union funds. The scholarships cover participation costs and can contribute towards living allowances, a visa, and travel costs for one to two years. To be eligible, you must have a first degree and graduate before the programme is due to begin.

4. Goa Education Trust Scholarships

Our list of scholarships for Indian students in the UK wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Goa Education Trust Scholarships. These are open to postgraduate-level Indian students who have completed an undergraduate degree at an Indian university. Applicants must be under 30 and will receive a grant to cover full or partial tuition fees.

5. Global Study Awards

The Global Study Awards provides a scholarship for Indian students to study abroad for any postgraduate or undergraduate programme in the UK, encouraging international students to broaden their cultural and academic horizons. Successful applicants are awarded £10,000 (around INR 1,046,551).

Institution-specific scholarships for Indian students in the UK

6. Inlaks Scholarships

Inlaks Scholarships are available to merit-holding Indian citizens younger than 30 who do not already have a foreign postgraduate degree. These awards fund postgraduate and doctoral study in the UK and the US, awarding up to $100,000 (£79,226 or INR 8,289,276), although they only fund the faculties of public policy, social sciences, and arts and humanities.

These scholarships can be arranged at Imperial College London, the Royal College of Art, and King’s College London, amongst others.

7. Felix Scholarship

Felix Scholarships are given to academically outstanding and disadvantaged students from India and other developing countries who are younger than 30 and already hold a first-class undergraduate degree from an Indian university.

These scholarships are awarded at three UK universities – the University of Oxford, the University of Reading, and the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. The scholarship covers tuition fees, a return flight from India to the UK, and a living cost grant of around £17,800 (around INR 1,862,928).

8. GREAT Scholarships India

If you are an Indian citizen, have an undergraduate degree and want to pursue further education in the UK, you could be eligible for a GREAT scholarship.  You must meet the English language requirement and be willing to attend a networking event to discuss your study experience in the UK. There are 26 postgraduate scholarships available from universities in the UK, each offering a minimum of £10,000 (around INR 1,047,452) towards tuition fees.

2024/25 entries are available at 40 institutions, including the University of Nottingham, the University of St Andrews, and the University of Birmingham. There are almost 200 scholarships available per academic year, with awards spanning the fields of art, law, engineering, and management.

9. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

Charles Wallace India Trust provides several long-term awards each year to international students, supporting them with tuition fees, international fares, and living expenses in the UK. The applicant must be an Indian citizen between the ages of 28 and 38, have a first degree, and not have received a Charles Wallace India Trust grant within the past five years. The Charles Wallace India Trust collaborates with the University of Oxford, Ruskin School of Art, working to fund a scholarship for an emerging artist from India.

10. The Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship celebrates excellent students with vast academic potential and is a fully-funded, full-time postgraduate award offered at the University of Oxford. Scholars must come to the UK for two or more years and can apply to study most full-time postgraduate courses at this university in Oxford.

The award covers course fees and offers a yearly stipend. For example, the stipend was £19,092 (around INR 1,998,373) in the 2023/24 academic year. To secure this scholarship, you must showcase fellowship, academic excellence, passion to use your talents to the full, and moral force of character.

11. Gates Cambridge Scholarships

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship awards applicants from countries outside of the UK, enabling them to study a postgraduate degree in any course at the University of Cambridge. This scholarship covers the cost of studying and provides added discretionary funding. Those selected must show leadership potential, outstanding intellectual ability, and dedication to enhancing the lives of others.

12. Global Excellence Scholarships

The Global Excellence Scholarships offered at the University of Exeter are awarded based on outstanding academic achievement and cover both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Both types pay £7,500 (around INR 784,271), which is deducted from international tuition fees. You can apply for one of the scholarships if you are classified as an international student for fee purposes and already hold an offer from this institution. You must demonstrate academic and career ambitions and a genuine need for this scholarship.

13. Bicentenary Global Futures Scholarships

The Bicentenary Global Futures Scholarships are open to applicants from India, as well as other South Asian countries, at the University of Manchester, with 100 merit-based undergraduate scholarships up for grabs. Each award offers £7,000 (around INR 731,987) for each academic year of study, provided the student attains a specific grade, which is usually around a 2:1. These scholarships provide a discount on overseas tuition fees and will only be awarded to international fee-paying students who are self-funded and have never studied at a higher education UK university before.

So, there you have it: that’s a wrap on the best scholarships for Indian students to study abroad! If you’re an international student considering moving to the UK, be sure to clue up on student living with our blog.

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