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Southampton Solent is a respected, modern institution which boasts a range of incredible facilities for students to engage with, including a seamanshi…
Southampton Solent is a respected, modern institution which boasts a range of incredible facilities for students to engage with, including a seamanship centre, fire school, television studios and Cisco networking labs, as well as a £28 million sport, health and fitness facility. The university is also engaging with a number of social awareness schemes. Discover our range of Southampton Solent University accommodation below.
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Southampton Solent University

Student Accommodation Near Southampton Solent University

There is plenty of Southampton Solent University accommodation out there, whether you’re a fresher new to the excitement of Southampton Solent or an older student seeking out a change of scenery. Typically, there are many options you can choose from, including private housing, studios, campus halls, and more! So, finding the perfect Southampton Solent University accommodation is really down to your personal preferences.

While it may be a little daunting to know where to begin, the good news is that Southampton caters to a wide variety of requirements, from shared, social accommodation to secluded studios on the outskirts.

You could find yourself residing right in the city centre, conveniently placed on the campus, or some other fantastic accommodations up for grabs, like Lucia Foster Welch, which is within walking distance of both the city centre and Solent University. Additionally, Capital House is near a convenient range of shopping centres to meet your every shopping desire, including the Marlands and Westquay shopping centres. It also provides access to Houndwell Park, a great nature spot for any student wanting to escape the chaos of their studies. Hello Student London Road apartments may also suit your needs, just five minutes from the city’s vibrant centre and buzzing nightclubs.

The good news is that whatever type of housing you opt for, Southampton’s functional transport network can quickly get you from A to B.


About Southampton Solent University


According to the Complete University Guide, Solent University is ranked 117th out of 130. However, the institution falls much higher on the list for other factors. For example, it ranks 56th in the country for student satisfaction and 44th for facilities spend.


You can find Solent University in the middle of Southampton’s city centre. This means it is easy for students to get around and travel, with the train station and shops in easy walking distance from Solent University accommodations and campus.


This institution has a relatively high employment rate. According to recent surveys, Southampton Solent’s employment rate is 83%, two percentage points higher than the sector average.

Student fees

As with any other UK university, students must pay £9,250 per year for full-time courses and £6,935 for part-time courses at Solent University. International students are required to pay more, although the amount they must pay will be established in their offer letter.

Bursary and scholarship opportunities

Solent University is proud to offer its students a range of funding opportunities. You can discover different scholarships such as the BAME scholarship, sports scholarships, and Solent Sanctuary scholarship, amongst others. As for bursaries, students should check out the bursaries like the care leavers, Foyer Federation and supported accommodation bursary to see if they are eligible. The institution also offers a support grant and an estranged student bursary.


Student Life at Southampton Solent University

Solent University can make student life in Southampton unforgettable with its vibrant cultural spaces, access to nature, and lively student scene, all easily accessible from Southampton Solent university accommodation. Wherever you need to get to, the city’s excellent bus links, train network, cycle paths, and walking routes can get you to your next social event in no time! The city is bustling with theatres, gig venues, museums, and galleries, meaning that students who love to throw themselves into culture will never get bored.

Furthermore, the Westquay shopping centre is stuffed with plenty of restaurants, cafes, pubs, a cinema, and even seasonal events to keep students entertained all year round. Ice skating is a stand-out favourite in winter and can be perfect for a romantic date night.

If you’re looking for something a little livelier, it’s certainly worth checking out Southampton’s vibrant festivals. For example, Pride makes its mark on the yearly calendar by bringing diverse individuals together to celebrate.

Putting the city aside, the university also tries to improve student experiences. It boasts a range of support services for those struggling with studies and other issues and offers a helping hand when it comes to securing a part-time job. The university also gives students the opportunity to get involved with a range of clubs and societies, from Labour to Law to LGBTQ+. So, whatever you are intrigued by, Solent will help you get stuck in and meet like-minded friends.

Southampton Solent University Accommodation FAQs

Is Southampton Solent a good uni?

Solent University takes pride in offering excellent facilities for its students, including study spaces, resourceful libraries, and in-depth academic teaching. Lecturers and tutors from around the country work for this institution, giving students a top-class and well-rounded teaching experience. This university focuses on its students’ well-being, ensuring that individuals have someone to turn to during tough times. Furthermore, Solent also attracts students looking for a vibrant city experience. With countless cafes, bars, restaurants, clothes shops, part-time job opportunities, and green spaces, this city provides everything students need to relax away from their studies and refuel before exams!

What is Solent University known for?

This university is known for excelling in certain research areas. Its primary areas of expertise are dominated by the cultural and creative industries, sport and health, business, law, maritime, and the environment. In fact, the university actually oversees one of the planet’s top maritime education centres, the Warash Maritime Academy.

What is the best student accommodation near Southampton Solent University?

Southampton Solent University student accommodation can vary, and whatever you find the best will really depend on your personal requirements. Some of the best student accommodations near Southampton Solent University can be found on For example, Nido The Walls offers a luxurious selection of studios that gives both a social feel and a good amount of peaceful privacy. With a cinema room, gym, and year-round social events, this Solent Southampton University accommodation has everything students need!

When should I book Southampton Solent University accommodation?

Applying for student accommodation as soon as possible is best to ensure all your requirements are met. Students typically apply for a place in the new year before moving to Southampton in September.

Can I view student accommodation at Solent University before I book?

Most universities, including Solent University, showcase some accommodations on their open days. These are held throughout the year, allowing prospective students a chance to gain more of a feel for university life. You may also be able to view virtual accommodation tours online, or speak to individual providers about in-person viewings.

How do I pay for Solent University accommodation?

You can pay for universityaccommodation online through Solent’s accommodation portal. If you rent with a private landlord, you will pay your rent directly to the company they are under. To find out more details about this, simply get in touch with independent providers using our handy contact form.