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The University of Southampton is a prestigious Russell Group university with over 16,000 undergraduates and 7,600 postgraduate students based across t…
The University of Southampton is a prestigious Russell Group university with over 16,000 undergraduates and 7,600 postgraduate students based across the university’s five campuses. It is one of the UK’s leading research universities and boasts a diverse and capable student population. One notable academic at the University of Southampton is Head of School Sir David Payne, who pioneered optical fibre technology that is the foundations of the internet. If you’re moving to Southampton University student accommodation, check out our range below.
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University of Southampton

Student Accommodation Near University of Southampton

Students hoping to bag accommodation near the University of Southampton typically choose to reside on campus as freshers before exploring city options in later academic years.

Finding the ideal University of Southampton accommodation may seem overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. Despite this, the excellent news is that this southern city tries its best to meet the needs of the thousands of students that call it home, whether you seek a secluded studio or a shared, social space.

When studying at Southampton, you could reside directly in the middle of Southampton’s buzzing centre, or close to the university campus in one of the conveniently placed and well-maintained halls. Prospective students should certainly take a peek at Uni of Southampton student accommodation options such as Lucia Foster Welch, which, along with incorporating a pool table, study areas, and mental health support, is also only a twenty-minute walk to the university and even closer to a cluster of bars and restaurants. Moreover, you may take a liking to Capital House. This option provides fantastic access to various shopping centres and Houndwell Park. This spot is great for strolling in during sunny summer days, making memories on romantic dates, and offering an escape from your studies when it all gets a little stressful.

Whatever type of accommodation appeals to you, Southampton’s handy range of public transport options can get you across the city and to your campus lectures in no time. You can take bus routes, train links, cycle paths, walkways, and coach journeys all over this city – the only thing you need to do is pick which one to take!


About the University of Southampton


The Complete University Guide ranks the University of Southampton highly at 13th out of 130 in the country. This figure makes it a recognised, high-quality, and prestigious institution regarding its taught courses and research programmes.


This university is situated on the beautiful south coast of England. With five different campuses in the city, the university is well-connected with various transport links. Additionally, the University of Southampton also boasts campuses in Winchester and Malaysia.


As a popular and well-recognised institution, it is no surprise that the University of Southampton graduates have contributed to its high employment rate. For example, Southampton students graduating from education programmes in 2017/2018 achieved a staggering 100% employment rate 15 months after graduation, with a typical professional-level starting salary of £24,000.

Student fees

Like any other UK institution, the standard £9,250 annual fee applies to home students choosing a full-time programme, and part-time programmes cost the standard £6,935. International students often have higher fees, which can be found on each individual’s offer letter.

Bursary and scholarship opportunities

The University of Southampton is proud to support its students by giving out various funding opportunities. These include undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD scholarships, catering to students from all different backgrounds with student, merit, and competitive scholarships. Furthermore, those with a household income lower than £30,000 may be eligible for a bursary, which already supports countless students during their studies.


Student Life at the University of Southampton

Southampton will give any student an experience to remember. Often described as welcoming, lively, and cultural, this city has it all, from vibrant nights out to peaceful green spaces.

You can get quickly to one of Southampton’s many galleries, museums, theatres, cafes, shopping centres, or live gig venues using the city’s public transport links. Southampton makes it easy for students to get a quick bus, cycle path, walkway, or train to wherever they need to be – all at an affordable price.

You can access some unforgettable student life in Southampton, including celebrating diversity at one of its seasonal festivals, getting involved in sports at St Mary’s Stadium, or trying your skills at ice skating.

The University of Southampton also tries to give its students the best experience. Its impressive four libraries hold over three million resources, including books, specialist collections, and journals. With such a wide range of aids at their fingertips, along with 24-hour access to the Southampton virtual environment and in-person support, students can thrive in their studies and feel more confident in their academic performance.

Putting academics aside, the university also boasts hundreds of societies to get involved with. Whether you want to learn more about a particular subject, help the local community, get stuck into a game of chess, or thrive in a performing arts club, the Students’ Union will have something that suits you. Not only can these gatherings be enjoyable, but they also provide a great way to make some friends for life.

University of Southampton Accommodation FAQs

Is Southampton a good place to live for students?

Southampton is a fantastic place for students to reside, with countless cafes, bars, gig venues, and nightclubs keeping individuals entertained all year long. This city can be pretty affordable when it comes to enjoying a dinner or night out, making it easy for students to enjoy socialising without being burdened by financial worries.

Where do Southampton Uni students live?

University of Southampton student accommodation is dotted around different places, including the heart of the city centre, the institution’s campus, and private housing locations. Common favourites areas include Highfield, Basset and the city centre.

Is Southampton an affordable city?

While student accommodation in Southampton isn’t the cheapest in the UK, it is still often considered reasonable. Students living here can typically find budget-friendly meals and nights out, especially with a few savvy tips. Furthermore, plenty of part-time jobs are available in local cafes, restaurants, and bars, making it easy for students to support themselves financially during their studies. Those who are still struggling to pay foraccommodation can check out the university’s funding opportunities and other options.

Does Southampton Uni have good nightlife?

Southampton provides a lively nightlife to suit a range of preferences once the sun goes down. As a city that doesn’t really ever sleep, Southampton is proud to host live music events at places like Gusto Lounge, late-night dancing at Switch, Popworld, and Orange Rooms, and expert DJs at other venues such as Grumpy Monkey. Whatever makes you want to let your hair down and dance, Southampton will undoubtedly offer the perfect place!

Can I live with a friend or partner in Southampton University accommodation?

There are many Southampton University accommodation options which allow for shared living. While browsing, keep an eye out for ‘dual occupancy’, which many accommodation providers offer either for free or for a small fee. Otherwise, contact your provider directly to ask if it is something they can offer.

How can I book student accommodation at the University of Southampton?

You can apply for student accommodation at the University of Southampton through the university’s website. If you choose private accommodation, you can contact private landlords and housing companies with our easy-to-use contact form. Whatever approach you take, consider booking your student accommodation for Southampton Uni as soon as possible to ensure all your preferences are met.