6 Cheap & Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Room In Student Halls

by Dan Roberts


Living in student halls? Surviving on a shoestring? Think you can’t make your room look ace without spending a fortune? Think again!

Here are six ways to brighten up your student room…

Student halls are a home away from home. Your room is effectively a blank canvas, but there’s only so much you can do to make it your space. You can’t bang nails into the walls (true story), you can’t paint the walls, and there are only so many ways you can rearrange the furniture in your room… So just how are you supposed to make your student accommodation a stylish haven? Especially on a student loan budget?

Here are some cheap and easy suggestions to get your creative juices flowing and bring out your inner interior design genius:

1. We’re not stringing you along: Fairy lights

Who says fairy lights are just for Christmas trees? Fact: EVERYTHING looks amazing when softly lit up by fairy lights (including that mess in the corner). Drape a strand of the magical twinkling beauties around your room (well away from materials and remember to switch them off before you fall into a slumber) and you’re good to go. Fairy light power.


2. Free to a good home: Posters

During Fresher’s Week and beyond, you’ll find an abundance of promotional flyers and posters – PERFECT for decorating your walls with. Compete with your flatmates to see who can cover the most wall space or just go for it (and don’t stop at the ceiling either!) and turn your room into a promotional haven. When it comes to moving out and taking them down (sad face), just use a blob of Blu-tack and rub that against the Blu-tack on the wall rather than rubbing your fingers to shreds.


3. We’re not pulling the rug from under your feet: Rugs & mats

Rugs and doormats are a cheap and easy way to transform your space. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and patterns – plus, some are even animal shaped! Bonus! Double plus, rugs provide extra insulation for your feet in the winter and extra seating for your mates all year round!


4. Sleep in style: New bedding

Brand new-just-out-of-the-packet bedding can transform your room in a heartbeat. Nothing beats the feeling of those crisp cold sheets that still proudly boast crease marks. Take your pick from bright summer colours, crazy patterns, or reach back to fond childhood memories with a Disney themed duvet. What?! There’s nothing wrong with that. Disney will always be a classic. FACT. Oh, and hunt down the sales rack to bag a real bargain.

5. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up: Lampshades

Have you looked up recently at your old faded lampshade? Why don’t you treat yourself to a super cheap new lampshade? While you’re there, why don’t you buy a permanent marker too and doodle all over it to really bring out your creative side? Or get your friends involved and have them all write a message to you; it’ll look fab when it’s lit up – plus, no one else in the world has a lampshade exactly the same as yours. You’re special.


6. Leaf it out: Plant it now!

Plants are the quickest and easiest way to really transform your space. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to nurture a plant without killing it, and in return for your efforts, you’ll get free oxygen.Free stuff = bonus.

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Written by Dan Roberts
MD and Founder of Mystudenthalls.com

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