Where Do Students Live In Manchester?

University of Manchester campus building.

Manchester is a fascinating, cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer; between its four key universities, it’s a cultural and creative hub that makes it an exciting place to study. But where do students live in Manchester? And when you’re shopping for student accommodation, what are the best student areas in Manchester to consider?

4 of the Best Manchester Student Areas


One of the biggest student areas in Manchester, Fallowfield has plenty of halls and private accommodation, securing a largely student-based population. It’s an ideal area for getting a bit wild as a fresher!

There are pubs and clubs if you don’t fancy the trip into town, with something on every day of the week at 256, but it’s the house parties where Fallowfield really shines. The area has a bit of a reputation as being a bit crazy, although it has calmed down a little since the days of 1,000 people partying in one house and ceilings caving in mid-party.

Fallowfield knows what the people want and it certainly delivers, with plenty of takeaways to stave off the hangover. According to a poll by The Tab, Tzatzikis came out on top, a Greek deli that serves brunch through to dinner and homemade desserts. Find it on Wilmslow Road!

Fallowfield to major universities

University of Manchester: 30 minutes on foot, or 15 minutes by public transport

Manchester Met University: 40 minutes on foot, or 20 minutes by public transport


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Chiller vibes preside over Hulme, making it an ideal spot where students live in Manchester for their third or fourth year, or just for those who might be a bit more introverted.

While Hulme used to have a fairly negative reputation, in the last ten years or so, it’s been the focus of some serious investment. As a result, the housing in Hulme is a mix of older and newer builds, and it’s now a much cheerier place to live. There’s a big Asda for your weekly shop and a B&M for decorating your student halls the way you like it on a student budget.

You’ll find Kim’s Kitchen on Old Birley Street, a café and restaurant with a little bit of everything which prides itself on using locally- and sustainably-sourced produce. NIAMOS is a local theatre that runs jam nights and workshops as well as classes and performances to keep you entertained!

Hulme to major universities

University of Manchester: 10 minutes on foot, or 8 minutes by public transport

Manchester Met University: 12 minutes on foot, or 10 minutes by public transport


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Where do many students choose to live in Manchester? Right on the doorstep of the Curry Mile, of course! You may already have heard about Manchester’s famous Curry Mile and if you’re a takeaway enthusiast, you can find it in Rusholme.

Rusholme is one of the most affordable student areas in Manchester, and it has great transport links with the city centre, with multiple tram stops. It’s a vivid, diverse area that’s great for getting out and meeting new people.

The Curry Mile offers over 70 restaurants serving Turkish, Afghan, Indian, South African, Palestinian, Jamaican and Chinese food, to name a few. Mughli Charcoal Pit is a highly-recommended visit, with Indian soul food and twisted cocktails around an open charcoal pit. They have a cocktail called ‘The CurryMile’ (there’s Vimto involved?) and even offer a student discount – definitely not to be missed.

Given that the Curry Mile is so close, the area can be pretty busy – if you’re looking for atmosphere, you’ll find it here! Check out Rusholme Place and Park View for some top student accommodation options.

Rusholme to major universities

University of Manchester: 10 minutes on foot, or 10 minutes by public transport

Manchester Met University: 25 minutes on foot, or 15 minutes by public transport

Oxford Road

Just out of the city centre, Oxford Road is where students live in Manchester to be close to campus. Both the University of Manchester main campus and Manchester Metropolitan University can be found on this road, so it’s ideal if you’re the ‘roll out of bed and into lectures’ type.

It’s ideally situated close to the city centre but not too far from other student areas in Manchester, so it’s easy to visit your mates or take advantage of the city’s nightlife. Alternatively, if you’re looking for somewhere with cultural interest, Oxford Road is home to the Palace Theatre for some incredible performances like The Lion King and We Will Rock You, as well as The Whitworth, which has an extensive art collection and an attached park that’s ideal for relaxing and taking care of your mental wellbeing.

Being right at the edge of the city centre gives you easy access to everything you could want to do, eat, drink or buy. Check out NQ64 for an incredible retro arcade bar with Playstations, Gamecubes and Nintendo 64 alongside plenty of arcade games on an actual token system.

Oxford Road to major universities

University of Manchester: Less than five minutes on foot

Manchester Met University: Less than five minutes on foot

So now you know the best student areas in Manchester! If you’re heading to the home of Man. United for your university years, check out our student accommodation in Manchester to find the best place for you. If you’re not quite sure yet, check out our other city guides, including our Student Guide to Birmingham and our evaluation of whether or not Glasgow is a good student city.