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As one of the largest universities in the UK, Northumbria University is a well-respected, research-intensive modern university. In 2022, it was deeme…

As one of the largest universities in the UK, Northumbria University is a well-respected, research-intensive modern university. In 2022, it was deemed University of the Year by Times Higher Education, due to the institution’s long-term improvements since 2008. Now, Northumbria University places ‘as many graduates into highly skilled employment in the north-east region as all the Russell Group institutions combined’. Amazing!

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Northumbria University

Student Accommodation Near Northumbria University

Student accommodation in Newcastle near Northumbria University is varied, with plenty of halls of residence rooms available for first years and typically more private housing options available for older students.
So, what are the best Northumbria University halls for you? The great news is that Newcastle offers plenty of different options. Whether you want to chill out in a secluded studio or be in the thick of a party in campus halls, the different Northumbria University student accommodation types can help you have the experience you deserve.
Locations can differ, from the centre of Northumbria’s campus to the buzzing heart of Newcastle’s city centre. You can choose between getting catered or non-catered options, a shared bathroom or an ensuite, and even an entire flat if you don’t fancy sharing a kitchen.

Some of the most popular accommodation offerings near Northumbria University include conveniently-placed Metrovick House and Picton Manor. Picton Manor is modern, popular, and provides access to communal areas. Also up for grabs is Garth Heads, a more budget-friendly option for those wanting to access some of the best value facilities in town, including a friendly maintenance team!

Wherever you want to stay, Newcastle’s efficient public transport links make it easy for students to reach campus and town in good time.


About Northumbria University


According to The Complete University Guide, Northumbria University bags a comfortable position at 43rd out of 130, and even comes in higher for research intensity in the 21st spot. This makes Northumbria’s taught courses and research programmes reputable across the country.


Northumbria Uni is situated in the middle of Newcastle, a place often voted as the UK’s best student city, with the beach, countryside, castles, and a thriving city centre all at your fingertips! There is another campus just three miles from the town at Coach Lane, while some courses are even offered in London, just a few minutes from Liverpool Street station.


With its focus on research and excellent facilities, it comes as no surprise that 96% of Northumbria University graduates obtain employment or further study within the first half a year of graduating.

Student fees

At Northumbria University, the standard UK fees apply for its attendees, with home students paying £9,250 annually for full-time programmes and £6,935 for part-time programmes. Costs for international students will be higher, although each international student’s offer letter will disclose the final price.

Bursary and scholarship opportunities

Northumbria University is proud to offer a range of bursaries and scholarships to support individuals throughout their studies. For example, those studying law or a similar course who have a TS home postcode can apply for the John Bloom Law Bursary to be in with a chance of obtaining £2,500 annually for up to three years of study. You may also want to check out a range of scholarships, such as The Real Estate Postgraduate Scholarship and The GIA Undergraduate Scholarship, to see if you are eligible.


Student Life at Northumbria University

Situated in the heart of Newcastle, Northumbria University offers students access to one of the most budget-friendly cities in the UK, alongside an iconic history. With access to the blissful beach, peaceful countryside, and buzzing urban centre, there’s something for every student living in Newcastle. Indeed, the breathtaking coastal towns, like Tynemouth, are less than a 30-minute train away from the centre, making it easy for students to relax away from the chaos of their studies or enjoy a romantic weekend date in style.

Newcastle is particularly renowned for its epic nightlife, with the Bigg Market lighting up many freshers’ Friday evenings. And, if you want to experience a fantastic live music scene, Newcastle is the place to be, with a variety of venues providing music lovers with unforgettable experiences. These include NX Newcastle (previously the O2 Academy), City Hall, and Utilita Arena, to name a few!

Those who love films won’t be stuck for choice in Northumbria, with cinemas dotted around the city. You can check out budget deals being offered at Vue cinema – perfect if you’re seeking a cheap night out with friends or a partner. You may even find yourself securing a part-time job at one of these businesses, with the Students’ Union offering advice and support for those wanting to earn a little bit of cash.

The Students’ Union also offers students a range of study areas, cute coffee shops, and budget-friendly bars. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to get involved with over one hundred societies, which creates the perfect way to meet new friends. Whether you’re into dog walking, Disney, or Doctor Who, you can find a society for you!


Northumbria University Student Accommodation FAQs

Is Northumbria University a good university?

The government accredits Northumbria University, making it a great place to earn a high-quality academic qualification. So, it’s no surprise that Northumbria has a strong employability rate post-graduation. Aside from the academic side of things, Northumbria Uni is in the heart of Newcastle and offers an endless list of things to do, whether you like getting involved in sport, want to discover more of the local history, or want to try out a range of cuisines (Newcastle is one of the best vegan cities in the UK!).

Is Northumbria Uni good for international students?

The simple answer is yes! Northumbria University welcomes students from across the globe and celebrates diversity and culture from more than one hundred countries. Northumbria offers its international students a high-quality education, a range of experiences to get involved with, and facilities to try out. For example, the uni’s mental health and well-being support can assist those struggling to feel at home, while its societies can help you seek out like-minded friends in no time.

What is Northumbria University best known for?

This institution is most recognised for its business school, which has gained double recognition for its Accounting and Business provisions and is renowned for producing highly sought-after business graduates. Its performance as an institution ranks highly amongst other modern UK schools.

When should I book Northumbria Uni student accommodation?

If you meet the terms of your offer, you are automatically guaranteed a place in Northumbria University halls in your first year. Despite this, it is always recommended to book your Northumbria University student accommodation as soon as you can to ensure all your requirements are met. Typically, students apply during the new year to grab something great for the following September.

Is Newcastle affordable for students?

Fortunately for Northumbria students, Newcastle is one of the most affordable UK student cities to reside in! In fact, living in Newcastle will cost you almost half of what it would cost you to live in London. Students won’t have trouble affording their big nights out, date nights, and lunchtime rendezvous here, especially with a part-time job adding extra financial security.

What are some of the facilities available at Northumbria University?

This institution takes pride in offering its students various facilities, from career support to state-of-the-art labs and studios to countless study spaces. You may find the University Library very helpful during exam season, with its access to more than 900,000 eBooks keeping you occupied! If you’re struggling with your studies, you can easily access academic and mental health support on campus. Additionally, Northumbria’s catering facilities offer students a warm smile with a warm drink when needed.