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Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh is a highly-regarded university, hosting around 27,000 students. It has five campuses in Edinburgh, Galashiels, O…

Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh is a highly-regarded university, hosting around 27,000 students. It has five campuses in Edinburgh, Galashiels, Orkney, Dubai and Malaysia. It is ranked the 5th best university in Scotland, and notable alumni include Scottish author Irvine Welsh, whose most famous work, Trainspotting, was written entirely in Scots.

If you’re looking for student accommodation near Heriot-Watt’s Edinburgh campuses, browse our full collection below.

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Heriot-Watt University

Student Accommodation Near Heriot-Watt University

While freshers at Heriot-Watt University tend to live in halls of residence offered by the institution itself, older students typically check out private student accommodation in Edinburgh, since they are not guaranteed a place in Heriot-Watt halls. With so much choice, discovering the best Heriot-Watt student accommodation for you is really exciting!

The Scottish capital, fortunately, has plenty of available rooms, whatever your needs may be. For Heriot-Watt students, there are many options available in the bustling city centre, further afield in a quiet studio, or conveniently placed on the campus itself, ensuring you’ll always make it on time to your early-morning lectures.

Each different type of student accommodation has pros and cons, which you should assess before making your decision. While private housing doesn’t offer the convenience of living on campus, you’ll get a stronger feeling of independence and being part of the local community.

If you do opt for Heriot-Watt off-campus accommodation, the city’s excellent transport links will be able to help you get from the city to campus in no time at all. Edinburgh hosts an efficient rail network, tram system and bus routes. There are also plenty of cycle paths, scenic walking routes and taxis.


About Heriot-Watt University


According to The Complete University Guide, Heriot-Watt University ranks 34th out of 130. It also shows further promise for its students, ranking 3rd for spending on facilities.


Heriot-Watt University has campuses in Edinburgh, Orkney, and the Scottish Borders. Each campus offers excellent support and facilities for its students, along with a unique student experience.


Heriot-Watt celebrates a high employment rate, with 95% of its graduates bagging employment or further study within just half a year of graduating. It’s an excellent place to begin shaping your career.

Student fees

As a Scottish institution, Heriot-Watt University charges £1,820 per year for full-time courses if you’re a Scottish student, and £9,250 per year if you’re a student from elsewhere in the UK. International students can expect to pay more, starting from around £24,500. You can learn more about your course fee on the university website.

Bursary and scholarship opportunities

Fortunately for prospective students, Heriot-Watt offers a selection of scholarships and bursaries and has taken pride in providing £10 million to support fees. You may be eligible to benefit from the Club Performance Scholarship, which relates to football and squash performance programmes. The university’s bursaries hope to help those struggling with low household incomes or other financial difficulties. The bursaries on offer include the Heriot-Watt University Bursary, the Expenses Bursary, and the Deaf Student Bursary.


Student Life at Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh campus provides an unforgettable student experience for its attendees. The Scottish capital is filled with things to do. If you like to explore, you’ll love visiting one of Edinburgh’s many art galleries, museums, or local walking paths. Edinburgh Castle stands proudly as one of Europe’s oldest fortified constructions, and makes the city’s skyline particularly memorable. This famous landmark is well worth a visit, especially with your family or friends from home.

Attending Heriot-Watt University means you can enjoy Edinburgh’s magnificent selection of international cuisines. From Thai to Indian to Scottish itself, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can also treat yourself to a warm pastry from one of the many local bakeries, enjoy a coffee at a cute independent cafe, or dine in at a traditional Scottish pub for a hearty meal. After all, it’s said that eating out on a budget is relatively easy in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh hosts a vibrant night scene with countless pubs, bars, cocktail boutiques, and nightclubs, which only close in the early hours. With gigs from international DJs, global artists and local talent on your doorstep, Edinburgh is a real hub of entertainment, and you’ll never be stuck for fun things to do in Edinburgh as a student.

Students can also gain the health and well-being support they need within the University itself. Heriot-Watt University offers various kinds of advice and support on common problems surrounding budgeting, housing, personal safety, mental health, and more. To make it a little easier to make friends, this Student Union also has a wide range of societies, from anime and manga to techno to surf society!


Heriot-Watt Accommodation FAQs

Where do students live near Heriot-Watt University?

There are many Heriot-Watt student accommodation places up for grabs, including on-campus and within the bustling city centre itself. Campus halls are typically more costly than privately-rented houses and flats, although there are plenty of options out there to cater to every budget. Popular student accommodation areas in Edinburgh include Haymarket, Slateford, and Juniper Green to the west of the city.

Can I view accommodation at Heriot-Watt University before booking?

Students hoping to go to Heriot-Watt University can typically view different campus accommodation types on one of the uni’s open days, which are held at various points in the year. The campus flats can also be viewed on the university’s website. However, if you’re interested in securing a room in private housing, you would have to contact the landlord to arrange an off-campus viewing.

What is Heriot-Watt University known for?

With its name deriving from Scottish philanthropist George Heriot and inventor James Watt, Heriot-Watt University is famous for its direct speciality in science and engineering. This institution was awarded university status in the 1960s and is ranked an impressive 13th in the world and 3rd in the UK for its Petroleum Engineering course. It also ranks within the top 200 for chemical, civil, electrical, and petroleum engineering, along with mathematics. So, if you have an eye on a particular branch of engineering, Heriot-Watt University may be the perfect school for you!

When should I book my Heriot-Watt University student accommodation?

Students who meet the terms of their offer are guaranteed a place in Heriot-Watt University accommodation. Despite this, it is still recommended to book your accommodation as early as you can to avoid being placed somewhere that isn’t your style. The majority of students choose to apply between January and April to secure the best Heriot-Watt halls for September.

When is the best time to book student accommodation for Heriot-Watt University?

The best time to book your student accommodation for Heriot-Watt University lies between January and April. This may help you obtain the best housing for the following September. Booking in this period will give you plenty of time to see your options and help you secure something that fits your requirements. If you only apply later on, the popular housing options will typically be taken, and you may be left with something that doesn’t match your preferences.