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One of Scotland’s primary institutions, the University of Aberdeen is an idyllic campus with around 14,000 students and a mix of more than 130 nati…

One of Scotland’s primary institutions, the University of Aberdeen is an idyllic campus with around 14,000 students and a mix of more than 130 nationalities. A coastal town, living in Aberdeen means you’re never far from the ocean, or the gorgeous rolling nature that surrounds the city, and the university itself continues to invest in state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

 If you’re looking to study here in the upcoming academic year, find your ideal University of Aberdeen student accommodation below!

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University of Aberdeen

Student Accommodation Near the University of Aberdeen

When trying to search for the ideal University of Aberdeen accommodation, you need to consider your options, especially if you aren’t too familiar with this Scottish city. Fortunately, Aberdeen provides individuals with a wide range of properties, whether you want to live in a busy freshers’ flat or by yourself in a quiet studio.

Typically, first years opt for campus University of Aberdeen student accommodation, while second years and beyond typically choose private student accommodation near the University of Aberdeen.

If you’re looking for non-campus options, there are some great rooms out there. For example, King Street Exchange is conveniently located fewer than five minutes away from the institution and only 20 minutes from the town centre. With a bus stop outside and a Lidl nearby, the location of this site is attractive to many students.

There’s plenty of other Aberdeen University student accommodation, including Linksfield House. Starting from £95 per week, this is a fantastic budget option with convenient access to the university’s main campus, the sports village, and even Aberdeen’s beach. The property also has a handful of appealing amenities, such as a friendly maintenance team and bike storage, handy for keen cyclists.


About the University of Aberdeen


The Complete University Guide awards the University of Aberdeen a very respectable position at 37th out of 130. Five of the university’s courses are in the top ten in the country, and the university itself ranks in the top ten for research intensity.


You can discover the university’s King’s College Campus in the centre of Old Aberdeen, very close to King Street.  There are other centres around the city, including the Foresterhill campus and Marischal College, as well as a campus in Doha, Qatar.


The university takes pride in supporting students with graduate employability, making it no surprise that 93.8% of graduates secure further study or a job within just 15 months of graduation.

Student fees

Tuition fees at the University of Aberdeen can vary depending on where you are from. Fees for students who live in Scotland prior to the course starting cost £1,820 per year for full-time courses. Other UK students must pay the standard £9,250 price. International students can expect to pay more, and will receive an individual cost in their offer letter.

Bursary and scholarship opportunities

There are many funding opportunities at the University of Aberdeen, including scholarships and bursaries. You may be eligible for the Aberdeen Global Scholarship, which supports self-funded undergraduates with a £1,000 tuition fee discount. The institution also offers the John Robertson Sports Scholarship, which grants financial support to students who have showcased sports excellence.

Other funding opportunities include the Trust award bursaries. With these, UK students who require financial support may be eligible for £3,000 per academic year.


Student Life at the University of Aberdeen

The city centre in Aberdeen celebrates outstanding cultural aspects, including attractive architecture and historical spots, and attracts tourists due to its prime location near the sea. You will never get bored here, with countless live entertainment venues at your fingertips. Whether you want to experience the P&J arena or more intimate local spots, this Scottish city can keep you entertained until the early hours, whether you like theatre, music, or comedy. You can also enthral yourself in one of the city’s festivals which crop up at different times of the year. There’s something for everyone here!

Wherever you find yourself in this city, Aberdeen’s efficient transport links can quickly get you from place to place.

The university itself offers lots of chances for students to get involved. Its Student Association provides more than 180 societies and over 50 sports clubs if you want to get stuck into a bit of competition and make a few friends for life. You can also make your experience here more memorable by volunteering for a wide variety of campaigns across the local and national communities.

University of Aberdeen Accommodation FAQs

What is Aberdeen University known for?

This university is celebrated for its history. Its Old Aberdeen campus is the third oldest in Scotland and the fifth oldest institution in the United Kingdom. Holding proudly onto its historical tradition and having been home to some of the wisest minds in history, this university also combines its culture with modern excellence regarding academic facilities.

Can I view Aberdeen University student accommodation before booking?

If you go on one of the institution’s open days, you’ll probably get the chance to look at some of the University of Aberdeen’s on-campus student accommodation. However, if you’re on the hunt for other student accommodation near the University of Aberdeen, you can ask any student accommodation provider if they’re willing to offer either in-person or virtual viewings.

Where do students live near the University of Aberdeen?

Students live in a variety of places near the institution, including on campus and in the city centre. Don Street House is a popular University of Aberdeen accommodation option, just a seven-minute walk from the institution. Students are often attracted to this property due to the convenient access it provides to the university, supermarkets, and a whole host of restaurants and takeaways.

Are there different types of student accommodation at Aberdeen Uni?

Plenty of different Aberdeen University student accommodation types are available across the city. These options include shared houses and flats, ensuite apartments, and studios. The facilities available will depend on the property you choose, but they can typically come with amenities like gyms, laundrettes, and study spaces. Wherever you end up will typically depend on your budget and preferences.

Is Aberdeen a good place to live for students?

This city can make any student’s experience memorable, primarily as it is known for hosting safe and enjoyable nights out. For example, Babylon, the longest-serving nightclub in town, is ideal for party animals wanting to dance the night away. For those who love sport, the Aberdeen Sports Village provides state-of-the-art sporting facilities to help aid physical fitness, whatever you may be into. There are also more than a whopping 50 golf courses near town, and you can even take a stab at skiing. With so many things to get stuck into, finding something to pique your interest here is easy!

When should I book my University of Aberdeen accommodation?

First-year students will be guaranteed a room in the University of Aberdeen student accommodation, but you should apply for student accommodation as soon as possible. Many students start making property arrangements in the new year to grab a place they really like for the following September.

How will I pay for my student accommodation near the University of Aberdeen?

Paying for student accommodation near the University of Aberdeen is straightforward. You can contact providers directly with our contact form and check out our rent index to see what prices are reasonable. Whatever property you have your eye on, we recommend securing it as soon as possible before all the most popular halls get taken up.