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One of the highest-rated universities in the UK, the University of Durham is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and a consistent high-performe…

One of the highest-rated universities in the UK, the University of Durham is a member of the prestigious Russell Group and a consistent high-performer in the league tables. Their college system means that every student can access support and participate in their college’s traditions, events and sense of community. Entry is competitive in this elite university, but for those who get in, it’s an incredible learning experience.

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University of Durham

Student Accommodation Near Durham University

Are you looking to find the perfect student accommodation in Durham? If you’re a prospective Durham University student and haven’t yet decided where you’ll live, there’s no need to worry. After all, this beautiful city hosts many University of Durham student accommodation options, whatever your preferences. You shouldn’t have any trouble settling for something you love here, from plenty of different studios, shared houses, and modern flats.

After all, there are many city rooms available. Dun Holm House is a mere 18-minute walk from the university and is just two minutes away from the bus station, Sainsbury’s Local, and Tesco Express. Residents here can enjoy fantastic amenities such as its games room, gym, and cinema space, where it’s easy to socialise and make new friends. If you’re looking for a stylish studio or ensuite room, this property is for you!

Duresme Court is also nearby, conveniently located near Sainsbury’s Local and under 20 minutes from Durham Main train station for easy daytrips or visiting home. It is also equipped with a cookhouse, cinema room, and modern gym facilities.

Whatever room you decide to secure in Durham, this city’s efficient transport network can help you navigate the city and the large campus in good time. Furthermore, Durham University is one of the best universities for cycling in the UK – you may want to bring your bike along to get from A to B on a budget!


About Durham University


The Complete University Guide ranks Durham University 8th out of 130 nationwide, with 30 subjects in the top ten. With such a high ranking, it’s undoubted that this institution works hard to ensure its students receive high-quality teaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and an excellent support network.


You can find Durham University in the Northeast of England in the city of Durham. Whilst its colleges vary slightly in location, the town itself has excellent transport links to help individuals get around.


According to Shiksha, this institution boasts a high employment rate of 92%, making it highly desirable amongst prospective undergraduate students.

Student fees

As an English institution, home students at Durham University pay £9,250 for full-time taught courses. However, this fee may vary for international students or students who are studying part-time courses.

Bursary and scholarship opportunities

Durham University is proud to offer many funding opportunities, including various scholarships. For example, those who have completed an undergraduate degree at the university will be eligible for an alumni scholarship if they choose to proceed with postgraduate study. Moreover, you may qualify for the Brian Cooper Scholarship if your household income falls below £42,875 and is located in certain postcodes. Successful applicants receive £13,000 each academic year.


Other funding opportunities include the Schon and Overli Scholarships for pursuit of musical excellence, which reward students who have demonstrated skills and high levels of potential in music. You may also be entitled to college funding to help you settle into your college.


Student Life at Durham University

Durham is full of history, cultural pursuits, and plenty of entertainment. Whatever you are interested in, Durham is sure to satisfy you!

Foodies will fall in love with Durham’s wide variety of eateries, where you can explore international cuisines or stick to the local haunts. Students can take in some much-needed caffeine in one of the countless cafes or indulge in a more upmarket restaurant when out on a date. There’re also some other great date spots, including the luxury cinema, Gala Theatre, and even a castle for history lovers.

You’ll never fall short of a museum here, and you can also access the botanic garden for free as a student if you’re outdoorsy. Party lovers don’t need to worry about falling short of nightlife here either; the city lights up at night with plenty of bars, late-night events, and festivals, while the university colleges each have their own bars and social spaces.

The university makes it easy to get involved in one of its societies. With over 200 to try out, there’s bound to be something you like! Whether you want to try your hand at a new sport, get stuck into some volunteering, or immerse yourself in music, the Students’ Union will be able to find the perfect activity for you. The SU also puts on social events for all students, meaning there’s always something going on at the institution, whether a vintage fair or a live gig. These opportunities to get involved can help you build better mental health and well-being at university.

University of Durham Student Accommodation FAQs

Is the University of Durham a city- or campus-based university?

Durham University’s colleges and academic departments are scattered throughout the city centre, making it mainly a city university. However, the institution also has a lesser-known location: Queen’s Campus in Stockton-on-Tees, where you will find the International Study Centre.

Where do most students live near the University of Durham?

Because Durham University is a city university, most individuals live nearby in University of Durham student accommodation. Church Street is a popular location with older students because it is conveniently located near lecture halls, while first-years generally choose Durham University halls of residence at their selected colleges.

How much does Durham University student accommodation cost?

Durham University student accommodation can vary in price depending on what facilities are included. Standard rooms with shared bathrooms will be cheaper, while ensuite rooms and studio apartments are generally higher in price.
Whatever accommodation near Durham University you rent should depend on your individual budget and preferences.

What different types of student accommodation are available near the University of Durham?

There are several common types of student accommodation near Durham University. The most popular properties are shared flats, which are readily available to sign up for via private providers. However, studio accommodation near Durham University is also popular, enabling individuals to enjoy their very own kitchen and bathroom. Different accommodations blocks or building can include bonuses like on-site gyms, laundrettes, and study spaces.

Is Durham a nice place to live as a student?

Durham University is based on a stunning historic site, a stone’s throw from incredible landmarks like Durham Castle. This aspect gives the city an unusual charm and exciting feel, drawing students and tourists from all over the country. The colleges also offer plenty of social entertainment, meaning there’s always something going on.

Can you view University of Durham student accommodation before booking?

Durham University hosts open days, allowing students to take a peek at the faculties, colleges, and some Durham University student accommodations. This can give prospective students a feel for what living in Durham may be like and may even sway their final decision about where to attend university if they are struggling to choose.

If your accommodation is not available on open days, simply get in touch with the provider of your favourite rooms, as they will usually be willing to arrange a virtual or in-person viewing.

While you may think the rooms look similar in flat viewings, you can apply these easy student hall decorating ideas to make your new room more unique.

How do I pay for Durham University student accommodation?

There are several ways to pay for accommodation near Durham University. Make sure you find out how much government financial support you are entitled to, in the form of maintenance grants and loans, as well as bursaries from the university.

Getting a part-time job can be a great way to pay for your Durham University student accommodation, and can also help you get to know the city and meet new people. However, keep an eye on your hours – the university recommends no more than 15 hours per week to maintain a good work/life/study balance.